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Варлок: Варлок - атакующе-колдующий герой, часто использующий заклинания и грубую силу в рукопашном бою. Last November, the GamingEdus Minecraft server celebrated its first year anniversary. Плагины для сервера Minecraft. Jar · Update a ton of plugins, 5 months ago.

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Setting this node to true will cancel all block-damage for that particular weapon. Players shooting or zooming with right-click may accidentally interact with buttons, doors and so forth. If the weapon is a block or a minecart, they may also accidentally place it. Setting this node to true will cancel all right-click interactions for that particular weapon.

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The in ticks that the player must wait before the next shot can be fired. The force by which the shooter will be pushed back for each shot.

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A negative value will pull the player forwards; I'm sure one could use that to their imagination. Note: Shooting a weapon straight down with Recoil_Amount: 40 is enough to send the player airborne for quite a lengthy period of time.

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A value between 1-10 is recommended, but feel free to experiment. The number of projectiles that are launched per shot. For shotguns, this would generally be a value greater than one. There are nine values that you can input: snowball, egg, arrow, grenade, flare, fireball, witherskull, energy, splash. Snowballs are highly recommended for ordinary projectiles. Eggs are just as recommended as snowballs.

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Eggs fired from CrackShot weapons do not spawn chickens. Arrows are just as recommended as snowballs. When using arrows, you may want to enable the Remove_Arrows_On_Impact node. Grenades will launch a grenade in the form of a dropped item, which will explode after a specified amount of time. They do not explode on impact.

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When a grenade explodes, it will use the settings defined in the Explosions: and Lightning: modules. Flares are similar to grenades. Instead of exploding, however, they will after a certain period of time. Fireballs travel in a relatively straight line and explode upon impact. The explosion created is determined by the settings defined in the Explosions: module. You can prevent this projectile from being deflected by setting the Projectile_Subtype node to true.

Wither skulls are exactly the same as fireballs. The only difference is that they do not explode when hit by other projectiles. Due to a Bukkit bug, wither skulls that score direct-hits on enemies may trigger a "Reach" violation in anti-cheat plugins.

CrackShot Plugin Texture Pack for Minecraft 1102, 194 and 189

Aside from being a nuisance, this has no other effect. Splash potions are thrown potions that hit all enemies in a splash radius. These projectiles do not support the Headshot or Damage_Based_On_Flight_Time modules. You can change the color of the splash, and only the splash, by providing a valid splash potion in the Projectile_Subtype node. Note that fireball and witherskull can never be truly accurate, and do not take the Bullet_Spread: nodes very effectively.

Energy is an advanced projectile type that hits all enemies in a specified cuboid region in front the player. Think of it as a giant laser-beam. In the Projectile_Subtype node, you will need to define its size (RADIUS), how far it travels in blocks (RANGE), how many blocks it can pass through before stopping (WALLS) and how many victims it can pass through before stopping (VICTIMS). For WALLS, you can input NONE if you want to turn off wall penetration completely, or you can input ALL if you want the projectile to pass through all blocks in its path.

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For VICTIMS, you can simply input 0 if you want the projectile to pass through all victims. This projectile type can be used to mimic melee weapons such as chainsaws, area-of-effect weapons such as flamethrowers and highly-penetrative weapons that can pierce through multiple enemies and/or walls.

A value is only necessary if Projectile_Type: is set to grenade, flare, fireball, energy or splash. For grenade and flare - This node represents the of the thrown item-drop.

CrackShot Plugin Texture Pack for Minecraft 1102, 194 and 189

For splash - (Optional) This node represents the of the thrown splash potion. This will only change the color of the splash and must be a valid splash potion. For fireball - (Optional) If this node is set to true, then the fireball cannot be deflected.

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For energy - This node will represent the information required for the weapon to fire an energy-type projectile. Note: Secondary data values are supported. Simply separate the primary and secondary value with the tilde symbol (~). For example, if you would like an item to be a Red Wool, you would put Item_Type: 35~14. If Projectile_Type: is set to arrow, arrows will be removed immediately upon impact. After all, nobody likes swimming in arrows, especially if a machine-gun has been customized to fire them.

If true, the fired projectile will travel in a straight line and will not be affected by gravity. Affects only snowball, egg and arrow. Note: Due to a Minecraft visual bug, slow projectiles using this node may appear to bounce in mid-air, while fast projectiles may appear to curve away from the direction they are being fired at. The in ticks before the projectile is either removed (true) or dragged (false).

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When a projectile is dragged, its speed is significantly reduced. Removal_Or_Drag_Delay: 4-true will remove the projectile after 4 ticks. Removal_Or_Drag_Delay: 3-false will drastically slow the projectile after 3 ticks. The speed of the fired projectile(s). Projectiles with a speed exceeding 40 will begin to show signs of path warping due to a visual bug on Minecraft's side. Anything traveling at a speed above 100 would probably enter another dimension. The amount of each bullet will deal.

If true, the projectile will appear to be set on fire. Affects only snowball, egg, arrow and splash.

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Incendiary projectiles will light victims on fire. Provide a that determines how long the victims should stay alight for, given that Enable: is set to true. Remember, this is not accuracy, this is spread. The closer this value is to 0, the more accurate the fired projectiles will be. Input anything above 10 and the bullet would probably fly out the back of the barrel and hit you in the face. Note: This node supports decimal values, such as 2. Sometimes a firearm's recoil is so great that you can break falls with it.

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That's what this node is for. If set to true, each time this weapon is fired, the shooter's fall-damage will be cleared. You can now jump off a cliff, fire your gun at the feet just before you hit the ground, and survive the fall. The played by the projectile. Use this node for beeping grenades and so forth. The played whenever the weapon is fired. Whether or not sneaking should be taken into account. If set to true, the player will experience no recoil while sneaking, that is, the player will not be pushed backwards (or forwards) by the recoil.

The spread of the projectiles fired while sneaking.

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Note: This node supports decimal values, such as 2. Trivia: In games like Left 4 Dead 2, you cannot aim down the sights of most weapons.