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Feb 2017 - 11 min - Uploaded by СпиналПокупайте игры в надежном магазине //steam-account. Хороша она тем, что моды между собой совместимы и конфликтов не вызывают, а также тем, что в ней собраны наилучшие моды вообще, и поэтому можно будет отключить некоторые моды, а некоторые оставить, и играть в своё.

Всем хай с вами снова Гггейм (gggame) и это новое видео по нашей любимой игре Террария (Терария 1. Наконец-то я создал сборку по террарии, в этой сборке по террарии 9 модов В этом видео. Магазин игр - //zaka-zaka.

Com/zakazaka_com Реклама -://vk. Com/topic-97706843_33763989 Инстаграмм -://www.

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ТОП 5 ЛУЧШИХ МОДОВ ДЛЯ ТЕРРАРИИ 1. Сегодня я покажу обзор лучших модов на террарию! Gl/3ghFqr В этой серии я начну проходить новую сборку модов в Террарии ▻Группа -://vk. НОВЫЕ МОНСТРЫ И БИОМЫ - ПРОХОЖДЕНИЕ ТЕРРАРИИ 1. А вот и вторая часть прохождения Terraria 1. С топовой сборкой модов, в описании ниже вы сможете скачать эту. АТЛАС - босс которого стоит бояться Terraria 1.

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Террария сборка глобальных модов моды. Terraria Build Global Mods. Большинство желающих сыграть в моды на террарию, будет играть в лучшем случае в один мод и то если сумеет. Мод который добавляет огромное количество вещей из игры Terraria! Если тебе понравилось то подпишись и поставь.

Офигенный дроп с модового Глаза Ктулху Terraria 1. КАНАЛ SUM GAME TV -://goo. Com/molvine ▻Пиар -://goo. Com/monsay_yt Мой Steam: //steamcommunity.

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Com/id/monsey_filya/ Мой Steam: //steamcommunity. Покупайте игры в надежном магазине //steam-account. Utm_source=TheDimanHack ▻Еженедельные конкурсы steam ключей! For issues you find with the Console 1. Release, please follow and give as much detail as possible. This is the speediest way to get info to Pipeworks and get a hotfix in the works. A FAQ with notes and workarounds can be found. Please check this first to see if this helps your issue. Here is a global WIP mod Exodus! For now the mod isn't fully well-made so it may contain bugs, lags, imbalance, some bad sprites and. The following content is about upcoming 1.

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Update, so there may be difference with current latest mod version! Stuff below is still incomplete. Comet fist - magic weapon. Shoots a exploding fiery fist.

Space shotgun - fires a spread of lasers. Shadowflame - dropped by Goblin Summoner and Shadowflame Elemental. The Tower - new structure generated near the spawn point. Chest always contains unique item: Tower Shield. New mini-biome: The Limestone Cavern! To open chest you need a key(dropped by Forgotten Ghosts). There are two new ores: Artanium and Phlazite. Now they both don't have any use in game.

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It will be added in future updates. Main developer, founder, coder, spriter, idea creator. (aka Zidjey)- genius, best coder, and awesome dude! Mod helper, tester, idea creator, person who helps me to beat boredom. (aka Ghoul)- for mounts ideas and being a good admin on one russian forum. For thread design and some stuff. G] link for those who want more mod updates. R] link for those who don't wanna new mod updates.

Battleaxe now have special attack. Now Pink Quiver is craftable item. Military weapons have new sprites. Expanded and changed modded dungeon items.

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Now they are crafted with Blue Flame and Old Metal Parts(found in dungeon chests). Water Knife, Aquarang and Aqua Sting are craftable. Prometheum snipe rifle will no more kill owner.

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Dropped Blue Flame,Blue Fire Bullet, Granite Anomaly, Energized bar, Possessed knife, Plasminer, Ghost Charger Repulse Shotgun and Chaingun will now glow in darkness. Now Archer Harpy, Valkyrie, Brimstar, Sky Carnivore have correct gores and particles. Now Giant Lighting Bug can spawn naturally. Sludgeheart changed: now all 'heartless' slimes are much weaker if heart is defeated. Projectile of Sludge Gun changed visually. Added Tower - new structure generated near your spawn point.

Known bugs: No tooltips and some incorrect names. THREAD IS NOW ALSO IN WIP STATE! PLEASE REPORT EVERY BUG YOU FOUND! Wow, this mod already looks quite complete. One question, are these just concepts and sprites or are these items that are actually coded? It is all already coded and there are not only items. It is all already coded and there are not only items. This mod looks amazing! Thank goodnes you continue this mod! I download this mod from TerrariaGO. Or this mod is gonna be remastered? And i see you from Russian. Double Post Merged, Dec 30, 2016, Original Post Date: Dec 30, 2016 ---Hee litle bit looks like Tremor remastered.

Oh right, I only started using mods since 1.

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Oh right, I only started using mods since 1. It is remastered version bcz long time ago I posted mod on terrariago. Ru and so for some time I think I will nerver finish my project. So now I used my old mod and I changed and added many new things.

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Your name or email address: Do you already have an account? Separate names with a comma. Com/spinal111group Я В ВКОНТАКТЕ: vk. Com/spinal111 Что вас ждет в этой серии прохождения. Com/spinal111group Я В ВКОНТАКТЕ: vk. Com/spinal111 Что вас ждет в этой серии прохождения.