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Skyrim Startup Memory Editor v1. Download Unofficial Skyrim Patch. (при этом условии лучше все моды заного ставить? Among them, mainly the units of the Empire and Skyrim, but also the models of general's bodyguard from Anequina and Pelletine and the soldiers of the House of Dres were.

E29: Cave pillar sticking out through the ceiling of the area below it in Chillwind Depths. F842: Rocks with a see through gap underneath in cell -19,4. DB746: See through gap between meshes plugged with a new rock placed over the hole in cell -21,3. AEDF4: Rock placed under one ungrounded support pillar in cell -17,23. BEC66: Barrel clipping the dock pilings in cell -16,22. D: Crate clipping with the cart, and also floating above ground in cell -17,23. F81A8: Table clipping the wall behind it in Solitude.

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F7191: Barrel clipping the wall in Solitude. F9342, 000F933F: Floating hay bales in Solitude. F9321, 000F9322: Crates clipping the wall, and each other, and also floating in Solitude. AD7B: Barrel clipping another barrel. Cd92: Sign on the Morthal alchemy shop gets stuck when swinging. Too close to the building. E276E: Floating wood pile in Proudspire Manor. C206: A cooking pot in the Proudspire Manor kitchen has been replaced with one that will fit into the space it is assigned.

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House in Windhelm lowered slightly to close a gap along its adjoining wall section facing the graveyard. Cb7f2: Skull partially embeded in a shelf in Battleborn House. C976d, 001082b5, 000c9770: Objects stuck in a table in Ilinalta's Deep.

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Fd: Chair partially embedded in the ground in Ilinalta's Deep. Misaligned dock piece in cell -5,-14. E9e9: Gap between the wall piece and the column south of it outside Whiterun. Fc6: New rock placed to cover up an exposed piece of LOD landscaping. The wall section could not be moved to cover it. C: Drunken Huntsman sign misaligned with the posts, exposing a see through. Ede7: Chair clipping a wall in cell 1,-11. Ac471: Chaurus eggs trapped outside the playable area in Alftand.

F827f, 000f827e: Repositioned these bandit poles further away so the gate at Helgen won't swing through them. Fba27: Axe floating in mid-air in Fort Snowhawk due to not being parented properly to its enable item. B2e and adjoining piece: Support railing with exposed underside in Fort Snowhawk. F: Misaligned end piece creating a gap in Ustengrav. C61df: Floating candlehorn in The White Phial. C61d2: Candlehorn in The White Phial clipping into the wall.

C5693: Wall marker outside Uttering Hills Cave embedded too far into the rock face causing NPCs using it to become trapped inside it.

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Be0e: Floating mead barrel with exposed underside in Fort Amol. E108d: Floating bench set in cell -20,11. D9787, 0010c07f: Floating bench set in cell 5,0. A4707: Bucket clipping the table in Korvanjund. B809: New rock pile added to cover a gap between the floor sections in Shrowded Grove. A6023: Floating altar with exposed underside in Geirmund's Hall. D7: Rock face with exposed underside in cell 5,-15. B728: Floating ice mound in Haemar's Shame. Floating chair in Haemar's Shame.

B0: Rock with exposed underside in cell -1,-7. Eab4e: Book in Fort Amol relocated to the nearby table because the hearth collision lets it fall through. Dc02e: Crate clipping everything around it removed - no suitable location to fix it.

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E889e: Lantern floating near the ceiling in Raldbathar. A7a, 00093a7b: Doors misaligned with their frames in Candlehearth Hall. E2: Wall piece sticking out behind the other mesh in Volunruud. E1da, 0009e1d8: Floating mineral pools with exposed undersides. Da54e: Floating sack in Windhelm Warehouse. Da513: Floating crate in Windhelm Warehouse.

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C4d: Misaligned antlers on a wall in Morvunskar. Bb8: Large gap between the walls in Morvunskar. Bb3: Floating torch sconce in Druadach Redoubt.

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Fd99: Mine pillar with exposed underside in Nchuand Zel. E: Rock with exposed underside in Nchuand Zel. C9: Stairway at Ragnvald with exposed underside at the top. Ab7f5: Rubble pile with exposed underside in Folgunthur. C3: Barrel sunken into the stone in Faldar's Tooth.

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B6330: Candlehorn sunk into the table in The Bee & Barb. F6d59: Barrel half floating over another in Avanchnzel. C66bb, 000c66d0: Chandelier extensions added to connect these lights to the ceiling. B: Torch sconce partially embedded in the wall in Serpent's Bluff Redoubt.

E2ec4: Wrong type of chair used for this location. One marker is buried in a wall in Vlindrel Hall. E2ec3: Basket embedded in a wall in Vlindrel Hall. D: Staff clipping the shelf in the Archmage's Quarters. Acbc: Z-fighting linen sheet in Dustman's Cairn. Ac658: Floating candle sconce in Wolfskull Cave. D6a7e: Floating candle in Bits & Pieces. Wall sconce poorly aligned with the wall in Bits & Pieces. C8601: Basket clipping with a shelf in the Bards' College. C84e0: Chair clipping a wall in the Bards' College. Dd4b9, 000c8560: Book clipping a table in the Bards' College.

Ab025: Enchanting pad buried too far into a table in Nightcaller Temple. F109: Floating candlehorn in Nightcaller Temple. De4d, 000a2626: Sconce embedded in the wall in Nightcaller Temple. Bc3d: Sconce embedded in the wall in Wolfskull Cave. Ff89d: Book too close to collision layer gets buried when havok settles in Broken Fang Cave. Eb762: Crate clipping a rock in Fort Fellhammer. Da8: Rock with exposed underside removed in Wolfskull Cave.

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Ac7d4, 000ac7d9, 000ac71f: Floating rubble pile in Wolfskull Cave. ED: Floating hay pile in Riverwood.

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F8E: Gaps between several pieces around this one at Bleak Falls Barrow. Ff9bc: Floating tablecloth on the porch at Dragonsreach. B0A2, 0006B0A3: Barrels sunk into the floor of the guard shack roof in Whiterun. B0A5: Floating haystack on the guard shack roof in Whiterun. BBAF3: Floating pot in Warmaidens. C9005: Floating goblet in the Bannered Mare. C2BA7: Lantern embedded in rock in Redoran's Retreat.

Fb60: Workbench buried too far into the floor in Understone Keep. Ff: Floating brazier in Sky Haven Temple. C: Floating rubble pile in Sky Haven Temple. F24a: Floating chest clipping a wall in Sky Haven Temple. Fe587: Floating candle in Kilkreath Ruins. Floating tankard in Fort Sungard.

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B567: Column detached from the wall in Blue Palace. E59bf: Book sunken into a table in Old Hroldan. E7: Floating room pillar in Fort Sungard. F49, 00039f4b: Chest clipping bed in Fort Sungard. Ce7, 00037cf4: Beds partially floating in Fort Sungard. C37b, 0005dde1: Floating chairs in Fort Sungard. C8f3: Floating column in Fort Sungard. B273: Leather boots caught behind the collision mesh in Cracked Tusk Keep. F9: Coinpurse stuck below the collision mesh in Dead Men's Respite.

Accd: The Diadem of the Savant was erroneously placed here. This item is specified in the CK as a reward item for completing Shalidor's Maze. It has been swapped for a leveled circlet of marksman.

F74c7: Dwemer dresser facing the wrong direction in Mzinchaleft. D7: Floating end pipe piece removed in Mzulft. B3FBC, 000B3FBD: Floating firewood stacks near the Solitude Sawmill. Be4,00102be1: XMarkers for the two mannequins in Honeyside were embedded into the walls. Удален ряд исправлений слотов у некоторых предметов, т. Теперь эти ошибки исправлены в патче 1. Исправлены зачарования двух роб Коллегии, в соответствии с остальными (роба школы Восстановления снижала затраты магии на 25%, школы Изменения - на 20%, остальные же робы снижают на 22%).

Исправлен уровневый список ClothesFarmClothes03withExtras, ранее он содержал ошибку, из-за которой NPC на некоторых фермах появлялись без одежды. Исправлено отсутствие анимации поворота головы у расы дремор.

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Исправлена работа перка "Полный комплект" в соответствии с исправлениями USKP, затрагивающими экипировку Гильдии Воров. Исправлена ошибка, из-за которой не отображалась иконка магического эффекта "Сила без усилий". Эффекты перков "Глубокие раны", "Мечник", "Критический выстрел" и эффект от Кинжала Вальдра теперь корректно стыкуются и взаимодействуют друг с другом.